About Me

My name is James Craig. For the past two decades I've been a developer, DBA, project manager, sys admin, among other things. Currently I'm a senior dev where I manage all day to day development related projects. But since I've done a bit of everything over the years, I've come to appreciate heavy automation of the entire IT infrastructure and I'm a big believer in actual Dev Ops. So anything I put up here is probably going to be influenced by those experiences and beliefs.

This website is just me messing around with various technology and putting down thoughts that I have about it. Generally that means topics will be C#, ASP.Net, ML, SQL, DevOps, etc. related.

Open Source Projects

I tend to get bored a lot. And when I do, I create a project and start working on them. Some are private, these mostly involve home automation, ML, or "big" data of a sort. So at most a terrabyte of data. But others find their way to my github account and are open source: