Utility Library


I've decided it's about time to take the various helper/utility classes that I've posted on the site and put them together (along with a couple new ones) into a library, which I've named CUL (Craig's Utility Library). The library contains items for:

  • Compression
  • Encryption
  • Image Manipulation
  • HTML and CSS file manipulation
  • RSS
  • SQL
  • VCalendar
  • VCard

And a couple other items. The big items that I've added that aren't found on the blog thus far are in the area of encryption (since my AES code seems to be rather popular for some reason). You should find classes for AES, Caesar, DES, Triple DES, RSA, and Vernam (as well as MD5 and SHA1 hash functions). I plan on adding a couple other ones in that area as well (RC2, DSA, etc.). I'm also planning on adding classes to deal with Exchange, Active Directory, etc. at some point in the future as well as some file format helpers (ATOM, OPML, etc.). Anyway, I hope the library helps you out and if you feel like modifying it feel free (I'm using the MIT license on this item). So take a look, leave feedback, and happy coding.