Updates for CUL, HaterAide, and YABOV


Today all three of my projects get an update. For both YABOV (Yet another business object validator) and HaterAide, it's mostly bug fixes. Although HaterAide now has functionality to accept SQL text instead of requiring a stored procedure. CUL (Craig's Utility Library) on the other hand includes multiple added classes for things including:

  • SMTP email sender now allows multiple attachments, added support for BCC and CC fields.
  • Date helper class added
  • String helper has added functionality for valid domain, number of times something occurs, reverse the string, filtering out text, etc.
  • Class for extracting an icon associated with a file.
  • Random class now has functionality for enum, timespan, and Color.
  • Added the following data types
    • Pair
    • Triple
    • Vector
    • Set
    • Bag
    • List
    • ListMapping
  • Added Singleton base class
  • Added factory class
  • Added math helper class
  • Added YouTube class that allows downloading of YouTube movies.
  • Added event helper, some common events, etc.
  • Added class for searching Hulu
  • Added classes for searching Netflix
  • Added base class to help with OAuth calls
  • Added more Yahoo Media parsing capabilities to RSS parser
  • Various other updates, fixes, and functionality to other classes

Also an update has been made to the organization of the classes, so if you're updating you may need to update the namespaces for a class slightly. Anyway, go to the sites, download the code, leave feedback, and happy coding.

Craig's Utility Library

HaterAide ORM