Two New Projects Released Today


Today I am happy to announce that I have two new projects ready for your consumption on CodePlex. DotExtension and DotCache. They're rather basic to be honest. DotCache is library that allows for multiple caches to store data for an application, library, etc. It's actually based on the HaterAide ORM cache that I was using but a bit more robust and allows for things like event logging. DotExtension on the other hand is a simple extension finder. Very simple library that accomplishes what I needed. Definitely give them both a look. They should both have documentation, source code, etc.

Now that I've mentioned them, I just wanted to say that I know I haven't given much in the way of code as of late. Trust me when I say that I'm working on a series similar to the ORM posts. These two projects get me one more step closer to it. So remain patient and I will hopefully give you something that you'll find interesting before too long.