Three Project Releases Today


I've released updates to both Craig's Utility Library as well as HaterAide ORM. The utility library contains additions in functionality including:

  • Javascript minification
  • Image related classes:
    • Converter from an image to ASCII art
    • Ability to draw rounded rectangles
    • Take the negative of an image
    • Ability to get the blue, red, and green filters
    • Ability to adjust brightness, gamma, and contrast
    • Ability to add noise
    • Ability to And/Or/Xor images together
    • Ability to colorize black and white images
    • Simple motion detection class
    • Cellular map generator
  • Ability to make a shallow copy of an object in the Reflection class
  • SOAP serialization helper
  • Function to determine if something is a valid email address in the StringHelper class
Not to mention a couple of fixes and improvements to the various other classes. HaterAide on the other hand is simply a bunch of bug fixes, including some table/stored procedure naming issues, fixes to the SelectWhere function, a fix for ManyToMany/ManyToOne nested classes that are of the same type,

and a couple others. So if you've tried out the original version, definitely download this update.

On top of these two releases, I also released a new project that I'm calling YABOV (or Yet Another Business Object Validator). I know we don't need another one of these but I figured it might help someone out and it was a decent chunk of my current project that could be spun off and shared with everyone. Anyway, the various links are: