New Releases


This is going to be a short update. However I felt a couple of you might like to know that I'm making an effort to roll out updates for all of my various libraries (I'm aiming for two a day). I started the process off by updating Craig's Utility Library to 2.1. This release adds a number of new features, bug fixes, etc. You can easily go to CodePlex and download the new DLLs or you can go on NuGet and download them there. Unfortunately, even though I've sent messages asking to get ownership of the original release on NuGet, I was forced to create a new package (so if you're using NuGet, you will need to switch to the newer package). Also on NuGet I've added each of the individual DLLs for each namespace (so if you just need the Media namespace, you can simply add that). Also I will be adding each of the individual libraries (as I update them on CodePlex) to NuGet. Anyway, download the new versions and happy coding.