New Release of Craig's Utility Library Available on CodePlex


So apparently I hadn't come out with a new version of my utility library since January... That's a bit too long of a wait considering how much I've added to it. So today I'm happy to announce... Well not happy... I'm not apathetic either... I guess mildly pleased would fit. Anyway, I'm mildly pleased to announce that version 1.9 of Craig's Utility Library is now released to the public. This one has a ton of fixes and additions:


  • Project is now updated for Visual Studio 2010.
  • FileManager and Serialization classes moved to IO namespace.
  • Reflection class moved to Reflection namespace.
  • Added WMI helper class for network and local information searching.
  • Ping class now uses Microsoft's built in ping classes.
  • Many classes rewritten for better readability
  • Redundant code removed from FileManager (optional parameters now used instead).
  • Reflection class contains many new functions (directory searching for types/assemblies, etc.)
  • Helper classes for Cisco phone development now added.
  • SQL Server helper classes added for analyzing the structure of a database, converting a database to instructions, and comparing databases and outputting instructions to get them structurally equivalent (with the exception of drops, removing columns, etc.)
  • Added spell check capability using Bing.
  • Added new functionality for StringHelper class
  • LDAP helper now has ability to search for computers.
  • Added ability to serialize an object if the object's type is not known at compile time (IL generated objects, etc.)
  • Sleep function added for worker threads.
  • Fixed issue with StringHelper's Left function
  • Fixed StringField class
  • EmailSender bug fixed if CC/BCC not set.
  • Fixed minor issue with WebBrowserHelper
  • Error catching improved in the library
  • Added better data protection and memory management for encryption classes
  • Fixed possible error if string entered into encryption classes is empty.
  • Fixed potential locking issue in singleton class
  • Fixed minor XML serialization issues.
  • Fixed issue with HTML minification in case of null text.
  • Fixed issue with CSV file reader
  • Fixed issue with image resizing.
And that's just what I can remember off the top of my head. To say the least, this is a big update. That leads me to the second part of the announcement. Craig's Utility Library is now available in smaller more bite sized form. Basically after moving things around I was able to divide it up into individual DLLs. So now there is a Utilities.IO DLL, Utilities.DataTypes DLL, etc. This way if you wish to use a portion of the utilities in a library, etc. and aren't interested in having all of it in there (the DLL's size is getting a bit large at this point), you can simply use the individual DLLs (note that some are dependant on others, so double check what you need to include). Although if you want the full DLL, you can still get that as well. So go to the CodePlex site for Craig's Utility Library and download the latest version. For now, happy coding.