Major Rework Happening


So apparently working nonstop on a SharePoint deployment gives me little time to code (other than a function here, a fix there)... In the mean time I've come to one conclusion, namely that I have too many projects. If I look at my Libraries folder (which contains a number of items that I've released on CodePlex, SourceForge, etc. and a number of items that I haven't released), I see 67 projects.

That's 67 various projects that I've used in one form or another, not including their unit tests (which I usually separate out in another project), and I usually have a test app that I use for testing the concept for the library. I have a tendency to start coding based on my notes, try using it in a mini app, and if it feels awkward I refactor, etc. Anyway, when you add it all up we're looking at about 139 projects... I'm not even going to get into the number of lines of code, but let's just say it takes a while to compile things (even longer if I do a batch build of debug and release). I have an IoC container, a library for procedurally generated textures, a web framework, etc. None of them made it out to the public, but they're there.

Since this is the case, I've decided to get rid of my various libraries. Well, not get rid of, but instead I'm going to merge anything that I find of interest in with my utility library (with the exception of MoonUnit and Optimizer Prime). Once everything is merged, I'm going to do a release. After that, I'm going to rework my utility library a bit. You see I started work on the utility library just before .Net 3.0 came out. So a number of classes are a bit dated. Plus I have classes that aren't needed/used any more that I plan on getting rid of. Also I finally (it only took a year) got approval to move things to Mercurial. So if you like SVN that's bad news. If you like Hg, it's good news.

So there you have it, I haven't posted anything because work hasn't been giving me anything interesting and I'm stuck in a bit of a rewrite on my own projects (but I'm nearing completion on both, so hopefully things will pick up).


mark foley
December 14, 2011 2:09 AM

Hi!Your site is amazing. The CUL is an amazing achievement. I just downloaded and was looking at the sheer breadth of it - I'm not sure if it is the 'reworked' or 'unreworked' version on codeplex at the moment but it's great.Thanks so much for contributing it to the great aether of the interwebs :)CheersMark