HaterAide ORM updated to 1.6


I've been quite for a while. The reason for this is two fold. First, I've been on vacation for a while with minimal access to the internet. The second reason is I've been working a lot on HaterAide ORM. For those that never read the series, HaterAide was a learning project for me. I wanted to see how difficult it was to create a basic ORM, what the "magic" was behind them, etc. I find that recreating the wheel is the best way for me to learn something and I've definitely learned a lot thus far from working on it. Since the initial postings and release it has added a number of features that put it up to the level of half way decent (we're even using it at my work now). This release added a number of features including:

1) Added transaction support
2) Added paging support
3) Added ability to override the default table and column names
4) Added ability to mark the database read only or write only
5) Added ability to do batch saving (calling Save when sending in a list of objects will save the entire list in one transaction).
6) Speed increases for all IEnumerables.
7) General speed increases for saving items.
8) Non int/GUID primary keys now work.
9) Size of DLLs reduced considerably.
10) Added the ability to save an object as a sub type.
11) Solution is now Visual Studio 2010
12) Separated database config data so that in the future multiple databases can be supported
13) Added switch so you can auto update the database or manually update the structure of the database.
14) DotCache, Aspectus, and Gestalt are integrated to make the system more modular.
15) Added better checks for null values/non existant objects in the database

Plus a number of fixes. I still need to add features like multiple databases, composite keys, etc. but it's coming along. So give it a look, try it out (usage documentation is included in this release), and happy coding.

Edit: It helps if I put a link to the new download...