Craig's Utility Library has been Updated to Version 1.3


I've made an update to Craig's Utility Library. The library has some minor fixes with regard to memory leaks as well as the following items:

  • Image Helper
    • Added sepia tone filter
    • Added ability to get HTML palettes from an image
    • Added ability to pixelate an image
    • Added edge detection
    • Added sin wave manipulation
    • Added "jitter" function
    • Added median filter
    • Added dilate function
  • RGB histogram helper added
  • Added class to help ping aggregator services, such as Technorati
  • Added ping back and track back classes
  • Added StringHelper class, which contains functions for various forms of capitalization not covered by String
  • Added lorem ipsum generator functions to Random class
  • Added INI file helper class
  • RSS helper class now has iTunes specific information to help with podcasts aimed at iTunes/Zune.
  • Data type conversion helper now contains functions to convert from base 64 strings to string format.
  • FileManager now has the ability to download content from web sites.

As always, I'm releasing this under MIT license. So download the new code, leave feedback, and happy coding.