Craig's Utility Library Updated to 1.2

The title really says it all... I've updated the utility library that I give away to include a couple of new things, including:
  • Image Class
    • Added flip, draw text, rotate, watermark functions
    • Added overloaded functions that return/accept bitmap objects
  • Screen shot class added which allows you to take a screen shot when using multiple monitors.
  • Error/Information gathering class has been added to handle the various information dumps.
  • HTML Class has a number of information dumps added.
  • Reflection Class
    • In property dump function, fixed instances where property required input
    • Added assembly get/dump functions
    • Added overloaded function to accept object types for property dumps (used for static properties)
  • Process management class was added
  • Added XFN listing class
  • Added FOAF parser/generator class
  • LDAP/Active Directory class
    • Added group search functions
    • Added group and user search functions
  • Various other updates
As always, I've added documentation and it's available under the MIT license. So other than needing that text at the top of the page, feel free to download it and use it however you want. Anyway, try out the new items, leave feedback, and happy coding.