Craig's Utility Library 2.0 released


I missed the anniversary of CUL being created by three days. I wanted to be able to say, on the 13th, that I'm releasing the 10th version of Craig's Utility Library (which would be version 2.0) on the 2 year anniversary. Sadly I have to make this post on the 16th (yay pain medication from wisdom teeth being removed)... Anyway, as I was saying I've been working on my utility library for over 2 years now. In that time I've been able to add classes for encryption, compression, email, serialization, etc. But this release contains some of my larger changes:

  • Added transaction support to SQLHelper.
  • Added linked/embedded resource ability to EmailSender.
  • Updated List to take into account new functions.
  • Added better support for MAC address in WMI classes.
  • Fixed Parsing in Reflection class when dealing with sub classes.
  • Fixed bug in SQLHelper when replacing the Command that is a select after doing a select.
  • Fixed issue in SQL Server helper with regard to generating foreign keys when updating a database.
  • Fixed minor issue with database creation in SQL Server class
  • Added Clamp function to math helper
  • Added major speed increases to Filter, RGBHistogram, and all other Image classes
  • Added ColorMatrix class
  • Improved FileManager to deal with potential memory leaks (WebClient now returned in certain functions so it can be disposed)
  • ProfilerManager now uses singleton class.
  • Added fix for Pop3Client when getting list of messages when the total found is 0.
  • Added Conversion class (currently only houses temp functions F to C, etc.)
  • Added functions to StringHelper for detecting unicode.
  • Added functions to DataTypeConversion to convert from ASCII, unicode, etc. to byte array and vice versa.
  • Added Factorial function
  • Added code to generate embedded Youtube videos.
  • Added Permutation class helper
  • Added Sobel and Laplace edge detection code.
  • Added OpenID relay code
  • Switched some locations to https from http in Twitter class.
  • Added iCal support
  • Added helper classes for dealing with the System.Reflection.Emit namespace
  • Cleaned up the code a bit (removed unneccessary code, etc.)

Namely in that list I've added transaction support to my SQL helper class, added code to help in setting up an OpenID relay, and a whole set of classes to help with Reflection.Emit. With those classes, I can honestly say that for most tasks you will never have to see an OpCode. Anyway, past that the three versions of the release are still available (full version, individual DLLs, and DLLs/Documentation only). On top of that I've submitted it to NuGet. I'm not sure how long the turn around time is on that but hopefully in a day or two it will be available there. For those who don't know, NuGet is Microsoft's repository effort (sorry, "package management system"). I'm going to support it but I worry it might go the route of the AJAX Control Toolkit (which seems to be mostly dead). Anyway, feel free to download it from CodePlex here or wait for it to show up on NuGet.


James Craig
November 26, 2010 1:54 PM

No on the oauth server provider (nor do I plan on creating one). The oauth_verifier code can be easily added, I'm working on other things though so it may be a while before this gets added.

November 25, 2010 9:00 PM

good job,but oauth util does not surpot "oauth_verifier", and is there is oauth server provider ?